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10 Week Ball Handling Program

10 Lesson Package of 1 hour, 1 on 1, personal Basketball

Ball Handling Lessons with Coach "C"

--Featuring Smart Basketballs from DribbleUp®  Inc.

What's better than that ???

10-Class Package Includes:

  • 1 Introductory "Meet and Greet" Basketball Session/Talent and Fundamentals Assessment with Coach 'C'

  • 9 Follow Up 60 minute Ball Handling Lessons with Coach 'C'

  • Initiation Help and Instruction on how to use the DribbleUp platform and App

  • Your Own DribbleUp® "Smart" Basketball Awarded upon graduation! FREE of Charge ($100 Value!)

  • Super Fun and SUPER VALUE

Introducing Yellow Ball Training!

Using the Bright Yellow Basketball(s) from DribbleUp® will train your eyes and reaction time to be faster and more dynamic. 


Just think about catching a bright yellow orb out of the side of your peripherals instead of a dull regular basketball coming at you head on! This teaches and incorporates and stimulates tremendous hand eye coordination and motor skills!

Yellow Ball Training is the go-to place for anyone who wants to become a better basketball player!


Our coaching team is dedicated to providing high-quality training in basketball fundamentals, hand-eye coordination, stretching, agility, and more!


We are passionate about helping our clients reach their highest Basketball potential.


Using brightly colored basketballs offers a fun and motivating way for aspiring ball players and other athletes to better themselves.  Book a Session with us and become the best basketball player you can be or just to have some fun!


Enter your email in the box above and our Coaching Staff will get back to you as soon as possible!


Let's get Buckets! --Coach "C"

Interested in Yellow Ball Training?

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