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(Coach Chris)

Hey there basketball players, bball enthusiasts, and parents- - My name is Christopher, (there are some pictures of me are below)... I am 34 years young and I just moved to Phoenix (from Boston) to continue my passion for playing and teaching and sharing basketball knowledge to kids and anyone else who wants to be trained.   

I offer Coaching and "Mannying" and Mentorship in Basketball to any person of any age but my favorite age group to work with is 8 - 13.  FAQ: I work with either Girls or Boys.  I work best with kids in this age bracket because it reminds me of when I first became passionate about basketball and starting playing basketball (and touch football) with my school mates...I have very fond memories of my life from then.  I can play basketball with your kids after school and pick them up and drop them off--I am open to catering to your afternoon care needs etc.

Through the pandemic I have discovered that teaching and playing basketball on some level reflects my truest self. 

I look forward to working with you and/or your kids to teach them basketball drills, body awareness, and the importance of healthy habits and discipline.  These are my core values for this website and this training..   

FAQ: I am forever inspired by Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash, if you could fuse them together they would be my favorite basketball players.

FAQ: I live in North Phoenix.


Basketball Tutoring Sessions are held at Buffalo Ridge Park Primarily because this is the closest and best park to where I live in North Phoenix.  Otherwise I can travel to you by car to Cactus Park, Chaparral or a similar venue depending on where you live in #TheValley!

...and YES I am a diehard Suns fan! (and Celtics Fan!)(East coast and West Coast Teams!) #GoSuns #OperationOrange

Thanks for reading my Bio and I look forward to scheduling sessions with you.

Feel free to connect with me directly via phone call, TEXT or email or facebook and Find me on as well.  You can always book directly through this website.  My availability right now is quite open.  Thank YOU.

Book today.. This is a New website stay tuned More content to come! (Getting Smart Basketballs from DribbleUp® ! Soon! Etc.!)

"I will play basketball with your kid for 5+hours."


The "Yellow Ball Trainer!'

Hail Phoenix, and SUNS FANS!!

and Welcome New Parents and Clients from ! My name is Chris, and I am the founder of Yellow Ball Training!  I have been playing basketball my whole life and I am quite active with it still and I love sharing my passion with players of all ages and skill levels but especially players and kids between the ages 8 and 13. I WORK WITH PLAYERS OF ANY AGE (Feel free to Book a Lesson Directly now or fill out the 

New Player Form !


Looking forward to meeting you and mentoring your son or daughter in basketball and strength training!

Thank You!

-Coach Chris

Oh, I almost forgot!

#GoSuns !!


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